Fury, spacebar, and collosus smash.

Last night i caught myself hitting my spacebar out of sheer lack of anything else to hit. will collosus smash fill this hole? I mean c'mon the proc rates of RB and slam! are horrible in an actual raid environment, and keeping b-rage on CD silly.

Please tell me it get's better!
I like jumping, it would feel weird.
I have noticed relatively high enrage uptimes, and an acceptable amount of bloodsurge procs. Keeping b-rage on cooldown is something I cannot fathom as being stupid, it seems like a good go to button in the event that you manage to bypass enraging passively, or through use of deathwish. Raging blow's whole 'it factor' is that it rewards good management of cooldowns, as well as a bit of luck.

Slam should just be left out of the rotation at the moment, but when you do throw it in, you get the feeling that you have less free gcd's to just stare at the back of your character's head in (although on live this is obviously going to cockblock you out of potential HS's, but you can grasp how it will feel in 4.0.1a.)

I imagine come Cataclysm, when slam becomes viable once more, fury will have an exceptionally well rounded rotation. Colossus smash to me, seems to just be a button you always want on cooldown, I would only find it exciting because I know that my RB's and slams will hit like a truck for the following 6secs.

If you simply despise procs, then fury must be like pulling out fingernails for you. It's the random, sporadic, berserker feel that draws many to the spec.
enrage has a solid uptime and once we start actually using slam the rotation will feel a lot fuller having colossus smash every 20 seconds will help as well
when cata hits and we start doing raid content it'll get better. with CS and slam being available and viable as well we'll have less free GCDs. when our haste starts to stack to higher amounts are enrage effect will be up more often meaning more RB, but even now with 25% haste unbuffed and berserker rage i find i can use RB most of the fight anyways.
And here I was trying to figure out what key I was going to bind CS to. Might have to be shift - spacebar since I like to jump around.

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