[Bug] TB Spirit Rise is an Invasion-free zone

Bug Report
Starting yesterday, the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff has been bugged during the Elemental Invasion event. While all of the other rises work properly, The rifts in this rise do not seem to spawn elements. This includes the rifts in the Pools of Vision, the caves under the Spirit Rise. This has been going on for more than a day, and is preventing us from accessing two of the event bosses.
TB in general is buggy as hell. There are only 3 working red markers for the wind break barricades. Everywhere else gives "out of range" and "no valid targets", no matter where you try to place them. Since Wednesday, the TB defense on Lightbringer has been an entire raid of people doing laps around the edges of the city, clicking the wind break item every few feet. No valid target, no valid target, no valid target. Eventually the event stops and Horde gets no chance at half the bosses.

From what little I can glean from the trade chat ranting, something similar happens in Ironforge to the Alliance.
On Gurubashi, we don't have the problem with rifts that don't spawn elementals but we do have the bug with the barricades. There are only handful of red arrows and then after that you just run around clicking the barricade hoping you can put a new one on top of one that's already there instead of getting the error messages that Farmbuyer mentioned.

Also, just a few minutes ago, we managed to successfully place all the barricades, clear all the rifts, secure all the outer rises, but then we couldn't complete it because several of the citizens on the inner rises were bugged. You could see them from a few feet away but not close enough to place a totem. When you move into totem range, they disappear and can't be freed.

I really hope the sunday server restart will fix this!
oh that's just awesome!

ugh, well here's to hoping that the shattering comes and tuesday and we stop seeing this silliness, cause idk what I'll do if org, tb, IF, and SW all go down over the course of another week of invasions...
Well, Blizzard seems to have almost fixed the issue.


Now, there is only a SINGLE bugged rift in the Pools of Vision.

Yeah. We were stopped because ONE RIFT didn't spawn any elementals. A lot of people are very angry on my server now.

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