<Fists of Greymane> heavy Gilnean Rp-pvp

Moon Guard
Gilneas once a great nation, now lays in ruin. Its people scattered throughout the world, its land occupied. I will not stand by and watch this happen. It time to make a stand against the Forsaken, against the horde that had given them the free reign to do as they did to Gilneas . Now is the time to make them fear what they’ve unleashed, make them regret the choice to come into Gilneas and attack us.

Who am I you might ask, well I am Torean Austerlitz and with the blessing of Genn Greymane I have took over leadership of The First Offensive Unit of Gilneas code name The Fist of Greymane. So tell me do you think you have what it takes to take back what is rightfully ares? May the great wolf spirit guide us all.


OOC time

The <Fist of Greymane> is an heavy Alliance Rp-pvp guild made up of both Worgen aswell as humans who are of gilnean blood which will be out at a point in Cata. Why am I posting this now? Well I am posting this to mainly spark a intrest right now and I am looking for a few people that would be interested in being officers for the guild. We will have many different events besides Rp-pvp such as drills, training, and arena compitions in Stranglethorn Vale. We will also be doing several planned events with the <Wolves of Greymane>.

I am not making this guild in an attempt to out do the <Wolves of Greymane> but rather add a choice for the people who roll a worgen to join a guild that would best suit them. Anyways if you are interested in becoming a officer or you want join us come cata or you just have qustions feel free to whisper me or send me a ingame mail Thanks and try not to troll the post to much.=D Oh and be sure to /join Worgenguildchat for all things Worgen.

Bump still looking for officers btw=P
I feel so loved right now.

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