[6/8H] 25 Lucid Nightmare LF exp dps!

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A Lucid Nightmare is a 25-man progressive raiding guild seeking skilled players to round out our core roster. We are seeking players who are not only competent and competitive, but dependable above all else in the long term

About us
A Lucid Nightmare has been around for a solid year of hardcore raiding on Cenarius and couldn’t have done it without our veteran raiders as well as the outstanding leadership. Our goal is to simply be successful and complete all current and future endgame content, but we are not afraid to let loose. The guild has a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Our Raiding Experience

Dragon Soul
-Morchok-Heroic Cleared
-Warlord Zon’ozz-Heroic Cleared
-Yor’sahj the unsleeping-Heroic Cleared
-Hagara the Binder-Heroic Cleared
-Ultaxion-Heroic Cleared
-Warmaster Blackhorn-Heroic cleared

-Shannox-Heroic Cleared
-Beth'tilac-Heroic Cleared
-Lord Rhyolith-Heroic Cleared
-Baleroc-Heroic cleared
-Alysrazor-Heroic Cleared
-Majordomo-Heroic Cleared

1.Blackwing Descent
• Magmaw-Hardmode Cleared
• Omnitron-Cleared
• Maloriak-Hardmode Cleared
• Chimaeron-Hardmode Cleared
• Atramedes-Hardmode Cleared
• Nefarion-Cleared

2.Bastion Of Twilight
• Halfus-Hardmode Cleared
• Valiona & Therelion-Hardmode Cleared
•Ascendent Council-Cleared
• Cho’Gall-Hardmode Cleared

3.Throne of Four Winds
• Conclave-Cleared
• Al’kir-Hardmode Cleared

4.ICC-10/12 Hardmode
6.Ulduar-13/13 + Drakes

Server & Raiding Times
(US) Cenarius PVE
•Tuesday: 9PM-12AM PST
•Wednesday: 9PM-12AM PST
•Thursday: 9PM-12AM PST
•Monday (Optional clean-up): 9PM-12AM PST

-We are a late night 25-man guild. 10-mans are not our primary focus, although there are plenty of members who involve themselves in alt runs on the weekends.
-We use a Ni-Karma Looting system for our raids.

We place a great deal of emphasis on improvement in our raiding roster and in our raiders. The idea is that everyone can be better, and everyone should be better than previous weeks. We use max consumables for all raid content and the ability to change to a viable off spec if content requires is highly regarded. You need to get everything you can out of your character without being directed to do so. The ability to be able to handle criticism is also important.

Everyone makes mistakes at some point and we expect people to be able to rectify any issues in a hasty manner.

There is no hand holding in A Lucid Nightmare. We expect everyone to be prepared and ready to pull their own weight in order to achieve our goals. If you expect to be carried, do not bother applying.

You must be a mature raider 18 years + in age, no exceptions. You must have a positive attitude and be friendly with guild members. We are not an elitist group, but performance is a must. We may raid seriously, but we treat each other with respect and dignity.

We expect a 90%-100% raid attendance for every core raider. We raid three days three hours so Attentiveness and attendance is our main focus. We have no time to mess around during those times.

The guild does provide cauldrons and fish feast, but we do expect all core members to be pre-potting and potting during the encounters. This is a must.

Non-Raid Days
We have zero expectations of core members during off nights, but the guild remains very sociable on off nights. Plenty of the members have multiply toons they run alt runs with. Many members also enjoy PVP/Arenas and they set up Rated BGS on Saturdays. Other members also enjoy the older content and gaining achviements.

We are currently seeking the following classes:

We have opened recruitment for all exceptional PlayersIf you are not one of the above classes please do not hesitate to apply. We are more than willing to accommodate exceptional applicants and if you feel you can outperform a raider here we encourage you to apply.

All applicants are required to:
•provide world of logs/ WWS logs
•Have 100% attendance during the recruitment process.
•Read up on all encounters scheduled for that night.
•Execute the simple requirements and tasks given such as not standing in fire.

If you are looking for a relaxed and comical progressive raiding guild we urge you to apply and join our core team of raiders.


Thank You for your interest in A Lucid Nightmare.

If you require any assistance or have any question regarding the guild please contact:Co-Gm/Healing Lead-Neferutiti:Bethany44224@yahoo.com (Real ID and email).
Co-Gm/Ranged Lead-Vandarr
Officer/Tank Lead-Mapex
Melee Lead-Veirus
*munches on popcorn*
Bump. Lf heals and tank. Always accepting apps for exceptional players. All positions are up for grabs!
First night raiding in 25s and we got Magmaw and Omnitron down. Not bad guys! keep up the good work!

-Still looking for an ele shaman/resto druid/resto shaman
Thanks for the free bumps bro!
Halfus down last night! Then trash bugged before we could get to the twins :(
Conclave down tonight! Good work guys! 4/12 our first week! not too bad
Bump! Always looking for talented exceptional players who know how to play their class well.
Another boss down! Good job tonight guys
Another boss down tongiht 2 this week for raiding. 6/12 in 2 weeks already. Hardmodes in no time. Nice job guys!

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