[6/8H] 25 Lucid Nightmare LF exp dps!

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this one time, at band camp
4, but we don't count Urmomm, he's a sure thing.
BUMP! We are recruting!
I woke up screaming, drenched in sweat, and thought of you guys.
haha :) Jerk. Btw where is my shamans invite to saturdays raid hmmmm
Hey Neferutiti,
I see you have an open position for a shadow priest now, I am still interested, and transferring over this weekend.
Great to hear :) just get ahold of me in game or send me a mail so that way we can talk :)
*munches on popcorn*
BUMP for a H paladin and unholy DK--Nefarian down last night too! 2 electocutes in phase 2 say what!
Bump! Need an ele shaman and a h paladin!
I noticed one of your guys likes to form rated bg groups. Would you be interested in applicants that mostly pvp and don't raid at all? I'd jump at the chance to contribute to an actual group for a change instead of having to solo q all the time. Even if it's just five man premades. I can send you a tell from my main or write a note on your website if you're interested in adding pvpers specifically?
Critoris if you have an issues go to me or one of the officers. We dont always know what is going on and we can't fix it if you post on the forums on a level 19.

Deadlifts I ahve no problems inviting people to pvp. U can go on our wesbite and app or whisper me online :)

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