[6/8H] 25 Lucid Nightmare LF exp dps!

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Critoris if you have an issues go to me or one of the officers. We dont always know what is going on and we can't fix it if you post on the forums on a level 19.

Deadlifts I ahve no problems inviting people to pvp. U can go on our wesbite and app or whisper me online :)

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
Bump! Need some exceptional players ready to do some good deeps in heroic modes!
Looking for a warlock and a ret paladin for a core raiding position.
LF exeptional players
Good job on H chim tonight guys! :P
Still ALWAYS looking for exceptional players!
We need a ret paladin! Lets go!
double bump for Lucid
Great job On heroic Atramedes last night guys! Now lets get H maloriak down!
Looking for a few more to join our core!
Another HM down.Great job guys!
Mr. L getting the legendary?
He is :)
LF all exceptional players to join our core.
H Maloriak down! woot for another Heroic

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