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Hey, so heres my problem a while back by the TBC release i had a account, i played it up till WOTLK's release played for a few months and stopped playing that account, now back then i made a mistake, i abandoned the account and FORGOT all my info making it impossible to come back to wow if i wanted without buying ALL those expansions again, that was my fault.
so i went out, grudgingly bought Classic wow and started playing with a game card.
i looked around at TBC's price when i reached level 60 and found that it was still 40 dollars to buy it in stores! 40! so i looked for a better price Via Amazon.ca... i found it for 22 dollars.
so i ordered it from the UK.
it arrives in the mail and i put the cd's in my computer... it then downloaded TBC reset ALL the patches i had downloaded and then some! its a ten hour wait now and so i thought "Ill try the CD keys! yeah! that'll upgrade my account from Classic to TBC!" well it wont accept the CD key and i have the hunch its because i ordered it from the UK, The copy i ordered was NEW. brand spanking new, FRESH off the shelves.
TBC= The burning crusade and WOTLK = Wrath of the Lich king for those who didn't know!
This would be correct. The authentication keys are only valid for the region they are generated for.

As for your old account, recovering access to it may be possible. Just give billing a call and see if they are able to assist you in finding it.
As Maul pointed out, authentication keys are only valid in the region they are intended for, Rodgar.

While there is no guarantee that we can swap the keys, you may wish to contact our billing and account services by phone and explain exactly what happened.

Unfortunately if the keys cannot be swapped, you will need to purchase the expansions again.

Additionally, your lost account can be recovered by verifying that you are the registered owner.
Thanks! but one snag...Whats the number?
@maul Pointless to try recovering it now i think... i already have THIS current account with my chars on it... but meh
My apologies, Rodgar.

Account & Technical Services
Assists with: billing issues, password recovery, paid services, subscriptions, payment issues, account management, etc

Hours: 7 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time

By Phone:
Calling from USA or Canada: 1-800-592-5499
@maul Pointless to try recovering it now i think... i already have THIS current account with my chars on it... but meh

I own 6 full accounts. You can have up to 8 accounts under one battle.net. For me, I would feel better if I knew the account was at least sitting dormant under my battle.net. And it is snap to transfer characters between them ;)

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