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Guild Recruitment
Guardian is currently seeking HEALERS, TANKS, and CASTER DPS to continue raiding ICC content and move into dedicated Cata content on the Thorium Brotherhood server.

We have two 10m ICC runs, one for weekday players and one for weekend players, and with more healers will be able to dedicate a third. We used to run a weekly 25m as well, but that's on hiatus.

We also have fun monthly guild events, a crappy website with funnies (GuardianGuild.GuildLaunch.Com- apply now!), a fair non-DKP looting system, private ventrilo, and a great group of active players. We do ask that all content stay PG-13 up until a certain time, as we have some families in the guild.

Members who have reached full raid status have all of their guild raid repairs paid for by the guild bank.

Guardian is one of the more established guilds on TB, and has been dedicated to enjoying PvE since early T4 content. You can get more information on our website, by replying to this thread, or hitting up any of our officers in-game. Yes, even if we are on one of our alts.

We look forward to recruiting you!

-- Xethra
Founding Member, and Guild Matron

Truncated Officers and alts list: Xethra, Keola, Devesh, Horarz, Koden, Egar, Mirrass, Finarfin, Kelvaar, Destineygivr, Highborne, Seege.
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