[A]Fusìon recruiting for 25 man 4/12

Aerie Peak
<Fusìon> is currently recruiting!

Currently we are looking for: Healers/Ranged/Tank

Shaman- resto
Paladin - holy
Priest - shadow
Druid -resto, tank

Our progression can be seen on our website at www.apfusion.com
If your class is not listed above, please do not hesitate to apply. Exceptional apps are always welcome and will definitely be considered.
Our guild is very team oriented and we are looking for skilled players as well as folks that are decent and can fit into our guild.


Availability- Our raid times are Mon-Thurs 3:30pm-7:00pm server time and we expect 85% attendance, though we certainly understand things come up and will always work with individuals on that.

Attitude - Simply put, We play to progress. We're looking for people who want to beat the game (i.e. who are progression focused) and who are willing to push themselves in order to be as competitive as possible. The ability and motivation to gear oneself to content are a must. Members are expected to show up ready for a full days input with consumables and fully repaired.

Experience - We are seeking members who understand how their class functions in raids and how to work within a team. Members must possess the ability to take directions, be able to take constructive criticism to better themselves positively, show improvement and knowledge needed for new content progression.

Gear - Not that we judge skill based on gearscore, but there is a requirement. Your gear should be gemmed and enchanted to the fullest. Get the best enchants possible and all epic gems. Gold is absolutely not an excuse; do dailies.

Contact Info:

If you are interested in joining us or would like to know more of what <Fusìon> has to offer, feel free to contact an officer in-game : Aceline, Fìend, Alliess,Kmage, Basmus.

If you are ready to apply and think you would be a wonderful contribution to our guild, please visit www.apfusion.com to do so.
Thanks! The <Fusìon> officer team.

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