[Bug] Error - Too many characters(replicated)

Bug Report
So, I just found a very odd bug.

I have 10 toons on my main server (Bonechewer). I went to make a level 1 on another server, and then logged off again. I went back to Bonechewer, and my main (this one I'm posting from) was no longer at the top of my list. I can find it however listed as ERROR - too many characters now at the bottom of my list.

I've logged off and back on again, and this persists (for a few minutes)

Here's a screenshot of my "New" list....


The "Error" one is clickable, and it shows this toon, and I could log in with it. It seems to have fixed itself after staying logged in for a little while and going back to the login screen.

I've just managed to replicate this issue twice.

Find a server you have 10 characters on.

Make a note of the first character.

Find a new server, and create a toon with the same name.

Log into this server, and close the cinematic screen

Logout and then delete said toon.

Your list should now error out and show as mine does above.
I have pretty much the same issue, though different way of getting it. 10 chars on one server, and 10 chars on another server, and when I switch between those two servers I sometimes get this error.

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I just got this error too. I have 10 toons on Aggy, 1 of which is a LVL1 placeholder.

Earlier today, I got a notification that my account had been locked due to abnormal activity, had to reset my password, and now this. WTF is going on?
I have 10 on argent and plenty others on multiple other servers i have never had this happen to me.
I have 10 on argent and plenty others on multiple other servers i have never had this happen to me.

Then why are you posting?
I had this same issue on Wyrmrest Accord and Medivh where I have 10 characters already made, had them before this patch.

I just clicked the Error: Too many characters to find my main 80 hunter, hit Enter world, logged out and it seemed to correct it for both of them.

I'm not sure what happened or if it will stay fixed, but as long as I can still access her I am happy.

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