Repeated BSODs Since 4.03

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I've been playing since the WoW Beta and have never experienced fatal errors like this. Started out with my desktop constantly crashing to BSOD after 4.03. I updated video card driver, but it still crashed. I ran folding@home and stress tests on graphics card ( NVIDIA EVGA 9800GT) and CPU (Q6600 OC'd to 3.2), and the comp ran fine - until I fired up WoW again. Launched SC II, Dragon Age, Torchlight, and all ran with no issues. Tried WoW on my Eee PC 1201N netbook and had same crashing problems. Netbook has NVIDIA ION chip.

Ended up resetting all video/display settings to default, and now the desktop seems stable but all my graphics settings are set as 'good' by default. Before everything on my desktop was running on ultra (which I turned off in Dalaran and AV). I've always run WoW on high or ultra settings, and now I can't because of the new patch? What gives? Oh yeah, and now my WoW repair tool doesn't work - it says I'm not connected to the Internet. This patch makes me sad. What can I turn back up without fear of more BSODs?
Try reducing your overclock.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try to roll back the driver and see what that does.

The overclock has been stable for over a year - I ran the Prime95 torture test and with no crashes. I also run folding@home client with all 4 cores and the GPU client with no issues. Temps for all my hardware are within normal ranges.

I'll monkey around with different settings in WoW and see what happens. Hasn't crashed since I lowered everything to 'Good' but that's no way to play. 8^(

I'd definitely test with you system un-overclocked. It's pretty normal for our games to not tolerate an overclocked environment due to our coding methods already stressing all components to their limit. The good side to that methodology is the ability to run our games well on old hardware because we get the most out of whatever you've got.

That aside, I'm a little concerned by:

Oh yeah, and now my WoW repair tool doesn't work - it says I'm not connected to the Internet.

Probably a separate issue, but that one is usually caused by a security program or firewall blocking the repair tool from accessing our servers. I'd suggest solving this one ASAP. In case your game issue is being caused by file damage you'll need to be able to use the Repair tool to fix it. The only alternative would be a full uninstall and reinstall.

If you think I'm being a helpful tech then let us know at-

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Good luck with your issue, and good gaming!
I can't run WoW at all anymore with an overclock. It will run prime95 for 12+ hours fine as well as all my other games, but ten minutes into WoW, I get blue screens. Guess I'm just going to have to build a new PC sooner than I had wanted.

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