<Legitimate> old content twink pvp/raiding

Hey everyone. Some of you might recognize me most probably don't.

Names Ddg and I frequently throw together oldschool lvl 60 content raids every week. I do it for money, I do it for a few items here and there but mostly I do it because I enjoy those instances a great deal.

As such due to the interest that seems to spring up from people I run with, I have decided to form this guild as a way for people (any level) to keep track of when I will be running raids.

Anyone is welcome, alts or mains. 60s or 80s it doesn't matter. If you are someone who is interested in level 60 twinking (or any bracket for that matter) and looking for a guild name hit me up.

I understand my name is awkward due to the D (alt 272) so if you cannot type that, feel free to send a mail to my alt rogue Destructum for invites.

The Idea of the guild is to be an information hub of oldschool runs and pvp for people who are interested. 80s can park alts in the guild to check in on periodically to see the GMoTD and so on.

Raid notices will be posted in the GMoTD to keep people in the know. Also all AQ40 tokens and gear mats I receive in runs will be sent to the guild bank to assist other players in getting there tier 2.5.

I look forward to doing more oldschool runs with all of you and welcome anyone who wishes to have the <Legitimate> guild tag. :)
lil bump
bump and update.

Runs continue to go smoothly as interest remains strong.

This week saw some great drops for people. The Eye finally dropped for myself with the assistance of an emote so we have our first Hand of Rag.


We also saw our first Dark Edge of Insanity drop to Etormis.

We are saved to everything except AQ20 this week (run planned for later tonight.) but next week we will be back at it for anyone interested.

Again if you have desire to plant a toon (twink or not, 60 or not) into our guild so that you can stay updated on our runs, please feel free to whisper Etormis or leave me a message on Anris.

See yall in trade
What times do you usually run? With the cheap price of Vanilla right now I've been thinking about getting another account and not upgrading past Vanilla. I never got to experience the old raids.
on weekdays, usually after 330 or 8pm.

on weekends i usually run around 12-1pm

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