Low graphics setting = go die in a fire

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I have most of my settings very low to maintain a decent framerate on my middle-aged iMac. I expect it to be not as pretty as it could be, but it appears that some spell effects are completely invisible.

For example, the new Druid AoE healing effect (Efflorescence?) supposedly appears as a circle of leaves and flowers and whatnot. So I've heard. It is invisible to me.

More bothersome, fire on the ground (e.g. Ambassador Flamelash) is also invisible, making it pure dumb luck whether I survive that fight or not.

I understand that I can't expect the finest visual experience and don't expect fancy water and sunshafts, but informational spell effects should degrade gracefully. If my machine can't render the leaves-and-flowers-and-whatnot, how about just a solid green circle on the floor? If the fire on the floor is too much, how about just solid red patches?

I shouldn't have to go die in a fire just because my graphics settings are too low.
go into interface, then display then DISABLE this option "Emphesize my spell effects"

that option makes it so that you can't see any aoe effects but your own, pretty useless and terrible for raid bosses.
Thanks Omegal, I will try that. But at the moment I can't see Efflorescence even when it is my own spell effect.
I have disabled "Emphasize my spell effects". It appears to have no effect whatsoever on the display of my own spells. Have not yet had a chance to test it on other people's spells or boss AoE effects.

Changing Projected Textures to Enabled gives me a big green circle for Efflorescence, so I have high hopes that it will now show fires and the like too.

Question for the blues: Is this the intended behavior of the Projected Textures setting? It seems odd that it should cause important visual cues to just vanish.
wait you had projected textures off? no wonder, like no one plays with that off, it's apsolutely required for dungeons and raiding.

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