Tabards/Achieve counter missing.

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So, in my little achievement counter, it shows I have 20 tabards. However, when I went through and triple, quadruple counted my tabards, I only found 17 including the one I was wearing.

This also bothers me because I found that, after just a week of purchasing my Silvermoon City tabard from the Argent Tournament, it is no longer in my inventory.

I've been searching through my things for a good hour and haven't found the three missing tabards as well as the one I just recently obtained. :/
The achievement is for how many unique tabards you equip in the tabard slot. Once equipped, that particular tabard need not be kept for it to count. The count is not a "tabards on-hand" count ;)

As for the missing tabards, you will want to make a GM ticket to see if they can tell you where they went.
I don't think I've equipped more than I have, because I like to hoarde all my tabards. Pack rat, ya know?

I hope I wasn't forgetful and misplaced them someplace. :<

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