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IC Explanation of what has happened:

It has only been a few weeks since the Cataclysm has affected Azeroth forever... yet, there is a new threat arising. A shadow creature. At first, it only wandered through Azeroth, just minding its own business. Then, assassinations of not powerful officials in the Horde and Alliance were reported, the shadow creature being the suspect.

Soon, the killings went higher up the chains of power, and then finally, the Warchief of the Horde and the minds of the Alliance were in great danger of being killed. But, it also assassinated those in other factions, like the Argent Crusade and Seamwheedle Cartel. By the time the factions of Azeroth realized what was happening and started uniting to kill it, there was received news that it was building an army of shadow demons to take over Azeroth.

One man claimed to know about this shadow beast and weaknesses for it... a worgen named Jack E. Thorne. But, recently he went missing. Horde and Alliance intelligence suggested he was somewhere in Northrend, in the area of ZUl'Drak, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord, and Grizzly Hills. War has recently erupted as the shadow army is starting to fight any resistance. Rumors of the shadow beast's name suggest it is called... Skygge the Shadowlord.

Now, a team of Horde and Alliance members must find the man named Jack in Northrend and find out what he knows... and why he is hiding, while another team must infiltrate behind enemy lines to spy on the Shadowlord... whose powers are almost god-like, but not exactly.

OOC Portion:

Hello all, and welcome to "Rise of the Shadowlord"! This is where a shadow creature has risen to great power, created an army of shadow demons and worshippers of his shadow powers, and fights Azeroth in an attempt to destroy everything. He may make an alliance with Deathwing and his followers... but that's for later.

This has two seperate IC settings at the beginning. One team of Horde and Alliance cooperating together must find a worgen hiding in the frozen wastes of Northrend... a worgen who claims to know all about the Shadowlord and his weaknesses. Meanwhile, an infiltration team must go behind enemy lines and spy on the Shadowlord and see what his plans are up to...

There is more settings, some coming later, some coming soon after the start, like RPing as a soldier on the battlefield, fighting against the shadow army, or being a politician in the home base of whatever faction, planning with leaders and such about ways to break through the lines of the enemy.

Eventually, I plan on making stuff happen that may come close to the factions continuing fighting amongst themselves, unless events step in that prevent this. More information about locations that this may involve and stuff like that to come later.

Same rules as always for an RP, things like no g-modding unless you absolutely have someone's permission, no Mary-Sueing, be polite to other RPers, if you are leaving please let me know. And one other rule that I am installing because I have had things like this arise in my first RP and in one other thread I participated in: nothing like summoning gods, Titans, or Old Ones. You do anything remotely close to this, you get g-mod killed.

Now, character template.

Race: ((Note: Can be any race that is reasonable, can even be something related to dragons or a dragon itself if you don't go "omg lawlz i iz a dragon" and fly around, destroying everything. If you want to be something in the Shadow Army, just put "Shadow".))
Class: ((Note: Shadows have warriors, warlocks, shadowmages, mages, shadow priests, rogues, dark rangers (shadow hunters, different from Sylvanas's Dark Rangers because they aren't all females), and shadow knights (similar to Death Knights, with the exception that they aren't dead and any spells are replaced by something related to shadows instead of disease or death).))
Age: ((Note: Shadows can be any age, from only a minute old to thousands of years. All in all, the Shadows were not living creatures until Skygge changed all that. They were basically just regular shadows of living and nonliving things.))
Faction: ((Note: if you are a cultist that worships the art of the shadows and wishes to join up with the Shadow Army, put whatever the name of the cult is that you are in. The Shadow Army is a faction.))
Rank: ((Note: Rank applies to if you are a part of the army of each faction. Doesn't apply to those two teams going to do their jobs. Rank also applies to cults, in the fact that if you are a leader, a worker, or something else. Shadow Army ranks are similar to Horde and Alliance ranks put together.))
Appearance: ((Note: Shadows are all the same at each rank except for the top ranking members of the Shadow Army, including Skygge. They are all either shadow-worm-like, shadow-scorpion-like, shadow-wolf-like, shadow-human-like, shadow-worgen-like, shadow-ogre-like, shadow-ettin-like, or shadow-qiraji-like, all in increasing rank. The highest ranks are pretty much a shadow version of any boss in AQ or the Uldum instances, with shadow anubisaths also being a form.))
Other Equipment: ((Note: Things like trinkets, orbs, etc.))
Brief Bio: ((Note: 3 paragraphs at most, if you need more room, tell me ingame and I'll think of something. Also, Shadows do not have much history unless they were nto conjured recently by Skygge. If they were around before that and were the shadow of someone or something, that can be the history. Also, as a side note not related to bio, Shadows can also be other races, just shadowy versions. The appearances I described were conjured shadows. Since Skygge raises Shadows from already existing, regular shadows, they can have the form of whatever they once were.))
That is what I expect for the character template. Also, a few other things. Shadows can break away from the Shadow Army, which is not just an army but basically the entire faction, and either go rogue or join another faction. You can also be a high ranked leader in the Ranks area who can command other troops and such, provided that they give backstory as to how they earned it. As for cultists, you can be leader of the cult you are part of or just be a regular cultist part of the cult you make up.

Pretty much it, I think. May add more information later, but right now, that should be enough information to get this think kicked off. Questions, comments, or concerns, contact this character Fairfax ingame on the realm Silvermoon (US). Look forward to having people join! =)
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