Nitro Boost ... Item Level requirement?

I know you need at least 400 Engineering skill to maintain the ability to use Nitro Boost on your boots, but I wasn't aware of any iLevel requirements.

I tried to put Nitro Boost on my Pilgrim's Boots, just for the heck of it, but there was a warning: "That item is not a valid target." Yet, I can put the Mind Control tinker on my Pilgrim's Hat. Anyone know what the item requirements are? I'm guess just Northrend or Cataclysm stuff only ... or is this a bug of some sorts?
I've put nitro boosts on my fishing boots, and scarlet mail boots, so it's not wrath or BC. Heck, I've even put them on my winterveil boots.
I believe the Pilgrim Boots are an invalid target because they don't have an armor type. They're not cloth, leather, mail, or plate -- they're just nothing.

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