Insane in the Membrane

Good afternoon. I have just recently finished my Ravenholdt exalted rep and am now moving over to my Darkmoon Faire rep. I've been farming mats for cards, and checking the AH. I haven't turned any in yet 'cause I planned on waiting for the DMF so I could get part way through friendly, then doing these turn ins.

I've been working on the Rogue's Deck method, but have ran out of herbs and the AH is dry of them. I was curious if anyone had any tips on zones that would be the most dense in the necessary herbs. I've looked around a bit but haven't found a clear answer. I know I need Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed, or Stranglekelp, just don't know where to farm them.

Thanks in advance, and I must say to all of you that worked on getting Shandralar rep (Spelling) You are truely insane /salute.
No ideas? :/
I ignored the Rogues Decks and went mostly with Outland and Northrend decks myself. This can be more expensive, but I was herbing most of the mats myself over several months.

To your point, I do not know where you can find more dense places with the herbs you want. I would say searching on wowhead would be the best for that.

But I would suggest looking for ways to acquire the rare and epic decks at cheap costs, if you aren't already doing so. A lot of people find random cards in instances and AH them for cheap.
What's a good price for a card that leads to an epic deck? how about an epic deck its self?

I realize that this could change from server to server, but just ball park a price for me if possible so I have something to post up in trade while I'm in major cities :)
I would pay around 20-30g for cards. Decks always went for much much more, so I tended to ignore them if priced over 500g.

8 cards times 30g each is 240g. But in each deck there are a few rare cards that are hard to create/find. So I gave some leeway in that.

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