Your fortune awaits...

anyone do this game/multiple choice that blizzard put up in the site?

I answered all the questions truthfully and i got....


as a paladin player and paladin lore lover i feel so proud.
I got druid twice. :x
I was stuck between a few answers, so the first time I took it i got priest, second I got paladin :D
First time i did it i answered as if it was me in real life and got druid.

I then tried for and got paladin, mage, rogue, lock. Only took one try.It was fairly easy to figure out the answers.

Deathknight however, still eludes me. I get lock every time. Okay one time i got hunter.
I got paladin myself. Still wish I could be a worgen paladin. really wanted to play as one.
i got pally too :P kinda fitting since i have 3 80 pallys
It was weird. First time, I was just putting answers, and I got Priest. Second time, I tried putting answers that'd seem Paladin-like and I got Warrior. Third, I gave up and just put answers that I thought were cool, and I finally got Paladin.

It directly mirrors the creation process of my Paladin back during launch. I thought Priest seemed okay, but I thought the things a Warrior could do (like Charge. <33 Charge) were awesome, but I wanted to support and look cool...and ended up getting my Paladin. And his free mounts. I loved the free mounts.
it said i was a warlock. funny though my warlock's been 74 for awhile now.
i got paladin and warrior which is cool since both are my favorite classes ;D

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