Only good becuase it's easy..

Ok I havnt been tanking on my pally for long in a tanking sense... mostly my warrior...... I was just wondering why everyone almost everyone says pally tanks are only good becuase they are easy..... you know we may not have the most moves in the world but i find it has it's challenges compared to my warrior tank and I find that I do love my pally more than my warrior......

But mostly why do people say we are easy... and what can we say to prove them wrong ... that we take jsut as much skill as the next? =)
Some people are stuck in their ways. I really don't care if my class is easy, as long as I enjoy playing it. I don't care if it's hard, as long as I enjoy playing it...

I played this guy during BC, and that was when things were still really rough. Played before BC as a dwarf, and it was rough as *@*% too.

You know what I miss? level 49, seal of command, judge. seal of command, judge. Back then, it was a proc for Socomm to do extra damage on a melee swing. I had kang the decapitator and i @@*#d face doing that.

It's true i really do love it .... I just like the feel of how it looks and everything!! and i can always do my war with my pally =) hehe but i was jw why people are always liek omg pally's = faceroll... the question is do i do better bringing my face to the keyboard or the keyboard to my face... hmmm haha
...hahahaha. that actually made me lol... gawsh.
While I started my pally in TBC, I didn't level fast enough to tank raids before Wrath hit the scene. Please take what I say as merely my opinion. From a tanking perspective, I feel that tankadins back then were kind of incomplete, the way to hold aggro was basically to just stand there and let mobs or boss hit you, while refreshing a few spells like Holy Shield, Consecrate, Reseal, and Judge when the 30-second Seal is about to expire. Although I didn't actually get to raid end game in TBC, reading tankadin gearing guide back then was scary, one had to juggle SP and defense and it is a lot harder for paladins to be uncrushable. Using SP weapon instead of real tanking weapon was also not very intuitive.

Sorry for getting long winded, but the point is many, for whatever reason, often choose to fixate on the rotation part to call tankadins faceroll, while conviently ignore other things he did or the obstacles that tankadin had to overcome in order to tank, including expectations from his or her friends to just f'ing heal.

Came Wrath, the stigma was mostly due to our simple but brutally effective threat-mitagation rotation, the oft-ridiculed 969. Tanking in 3.0 and 3.1 was really painful because of the lack of the second survival cooldown. I found our skyhigh threat not an adequate compensation and it was actually a bad thing when off-taking. 3.2 onward, we were given a automatic and overpowered cooldown in the form of Ardent Defender which again placed us in the spotlight of the condemning faceroll accusations.

Post patch 4.0.1, we have another resource to manage which added depth and a little interesting decision making. Some people still go on saying that it was just as faceroll as before. At this point, I think nothing will ever change the mind of bigots.

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