My fellow Paladins!

What's your favorite Paladin ability, or the ability that inspires the most holy/righteousness feel to you?
Mine would probably be the Charger ability, followed by Hammer of Wrath.
Righteous Fury. The name alone invokes the feeling it should, and the animation is pretty nifty. A close second would be consecration, for its name alone.
I guess this is prot specific, but pre-4.0 Holy Shield was my iconic skill.
Lay on hand duh! Ladies love to scream out "Lay it on me"
Im a prot paladin so my love is for DG.

I love this ability. Nothing is as much fun/ or feels as much a part of a tree CALLED PROTECTION than protecting the entire raid!!!
Divine Shield for all those times I would bubble hearth. No other class was amazing as us because we could hearth out of a wipe, bad PuG or a gank. That is of course before Blizzard took that away from us and decided to give us a dangle.
My favorite Ability would be Avenging wrath, nothing like blizzard giving us "wings".
Avenging Wrath, or Templars Verdict better yet, both together.

Aside from those, Equipping Ravager from scarlet monistary and yelling. Blades of Light!!! when it procs.
Righteous Fury, on PTR it has a sexy new animation.

Avenger's Shield, just cause throwing your shield at someone is awesome.

Shield of the Righteous, nothing like a holy %@#@@ slap backhand, especially when it's topping 20k on the crit o meter (I know, nerfed big time come 4.0.3a)

Divine Guardian, cause protecting my team is what matters most to.

Avenging Wrath, when I am about to mete out some holy justice.

The list can get extensive hehe.

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