██▬▬►►Solid Player LF Premiere Cata guild

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a new guild to move into cataclysm with. Specifically I'm looking to exit my server (Borean Tundra) as it's pretty much on the brink of death. I've looked at a couple realms and really decided that I want my new home to be on this server

Some background on myself: I've been playing since vanilla and I've been in competitive guilds for almost 5 years now. I've raided everything from MC to heroic LK. I'm an extremely loyal and dedicated player. I possess the competency to play well and know my class inside and out. While I'm a solid raider, I also know how to take it down a notch and just enjoy the game and get along with guildies

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for an solid progression oriented guild that will be part of the upper tier of the server when it comes to end-game raiding content. Aside from being a premiere raiding guild, there should still be a cohesive and friendly environment. WoW is first and foremost a game to be enjoyed. While I don't mind being part of a "hardcore" guild I still expect to be able to have fun when I log on.

Raid Times: Preferably your raid nights fall between Sunday night and Thursday night leaving Friday and Saturday night open. Raids that start at or after 6pm PST work best for me (work sucks). While I'm somewhat flexible on these contingencies, I have a strong preference towards following them.

What I can bring: I'm an extremely knowledgeable player. I know how to play my class and I'm always on top of it. I also strive to always do what's in the best interest of the guild. Beyond that, I'm just a fun sociable guy and I'm looking for some people I can relate to and enjoy the game with. I've been playing the beta now for about 2 months so hopefully I can bring some of that knowledge come launch and help out my fellow guildmates

Characters that are 80 and I can xfer:

1) Mage**
2) Hunter
3) Warrior (absolutely zero interest in tanking)
4) Rogue

**While my preference would be to play my mage (the class I know best), I'm not opposed to playing any of the other classes if requested to.

I look forward to getting to know you guys better.

Feel free to read over the Casual recruitment thread to see if we fit with what you're looking for.
You should also check out <Bellum Gero>'s recruitment thread on the forums here, or on the website at bellumgero.com and see if we might be a good fit. So long as you do not mind Alliance, that is :)
.. If you're such a good and valuable player.. why is it you don't know how to check progression threads? Or Wowprogress?

or are you just too awesome to fill out an application like everyone else?

I always wondered about threads like this.
Are you looking for a ten man or a 25 man guild?
Feel free to check out <Requiem> at requiem.guildportal.com. Our raid times are listed as 5-9 server, we are however talking about starting an hour later to meet some of our other raiders' schedules. We're a newer guild to this server, looking to be in the top tier with a relaxed raid environment and schedule.
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