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((I've always enjoyed watching other roleplayers who were particularly good at roleplaying and have always wanted to actively start roleplaying myself but could never really figure out how to break into the whole roleplaying scene. So I decided to make a back story for the character I will be maining in cataclysm in hopes that someone will come along and start randomly roleplaying with me :D I may add additional stories later if it is received favorably))

Original name: Akilah Botros

Assumed name: Akilah Al-Mualim

Moniker: Akiros

Age: 20

Land of birth: Tanaris

Akilah Botros felt the eyes of Ravenholdt's guardians upon her as she ascended the mountain path the the manor. She could not see them, but she knew from experience that they were there, watching her every move. She knew that if she made the wrong hand gestures or gave any indication of ill intent, she would be surrounded and cut down in the blink of an eye.

But not today. The master had summoned her, a rare honor for a student, even one whom had just returned from their first sanctioned assassination; the final test before a student could claim full status as a master of the order.
She entered the manor, the place she had called home since as long as she could remember, which she admitted wasn't much given the circumstances that first brought her to this place. She knew only what they had told her, and they had told her only bits and pieces - clever of them she thought, training her mind to be sharp as well has her body.

What she had pieced together over the years was that she had been the daughter of a wealthy Tanaris merchant family, their caravan was attacked by pirates and her entire family was killed. She had managed to survive, and was found unconscious by an agent of the manor who had been sent to investigate.

Unable to remember anything about her old life when she regained consciousness, the brotherhood took her in. They became her new family, they taught her how to survive in the world, how to avoid drawing attention to herself, gradually they had her perform menial tasks for a days pay. She would run messages between the different members of the order.

Gradually they came to rely upon her more and more, she became an informant spending her days among the wealthy and the beggars simply listening and passing along what she heard. They always told her what to listen for, they would never tell her why. She had long ago given up trying to get answers from them, she simply obeyed.

And then one day, while shadowing a group of tradesmen within the walls of the recently rebuilt Stormwind she was cornered in an alleyway by a trio of thugs wearing red bandannas. "Vancleef is on to your games girl, we know you're working for Ravenholdt. Vancleef would like to send its master a little message... Die!" Caught by surprise and not sure what to do Akilah grabbed the first thing she could find - a rusty discarded dagger - and gave the fight of her life. When the encounter was over Akilah stood over the dead bodies of the three men, bloodied dagger firm in grasp, pulse pounding through her entire body and she realized that her brothers, her family were in danger.

She rushed back to her taskmaster explaining as quickly as she could what happened. From that day forward the brotherhood took a marked interest in her. They began to train her in the arts of stealth combat and deception. The other students took notice of her and began to call her Akiros - the nickname stuck. Under their brutal training regimen she broke her body of all weaknesses and learned to be deadly and graceful with a pair of blades. Finally, they taught her how locate, stalk and kill a target. Her training was complete.

She now stood before Lord Jorach Ravenholdt, the grandmaster of her order. He stood on the Manor balcony facing away, staring into the distant sunset. "Do you know why I have called you here?" he asked. "No, Grandmaster," admitted Akiros - normally there was no ceremony when the rank of master was conferred. It was simply acknowledged unanimously, that if the target lay dead and the assassin still drew breath, that they had earned their place.

After a long pause Ravenholdt spoke again, "I remember when they first brought you here, you had no past, no identity, you could not even mourn the loss of those who were once your family, you could not even remember their names. Your name. We told you your name, so that you might preserve a small piece of who you once were, your old life before that was all taken away. Do you hate them? The ones who robbed you of your childhood. No, no I suppose one can not hate phantoms. Still, there is one small piece of your past we chose to withhold from you, for your own protection, you were not strong enough before, and we feared you would be driven by thoughts of vengeance to attempt the foolish. But now, now I think you are ready, Master Akiros."

He turned around and handed her what appeared to be a map with some markings and an address on it, and a small bag with unknown contents. "Go there, it will start you on the path to find the answers you seek. We have taught you all we know, now you must find your place in the world, and to do so you must first find yourself. Perhaps some day you will return to us, when you are ready, we will always count you among our family, we take care of our own." Silently accepting the paper Akiros nodded her thanks and left without a word. "Good luck, Master Akiros," he called out after her.

Master, Mualim in her native tongue. Jorach was right, she could not hate phantoms, nor could she bear the name of a family she felt no connection to. Akilah Al-Mualim, that was her name now. Master Akiros set out heading southwest, to Menethil Harbor. Wherever her destiny lay, it all begins in the deserts of Tanaris.
((heh, I don't actually speak arabic, I just used it as inspiration for my character because I find the culture to be really interesting, but peace be upon you as well :D and thanks for reading))
عندك القلب من الثعبان
((heh, I don't actually speak arabic, I just used it as inspiration for my character because I find the culture to be really interesting, but peace be upon you as well :D and thanks for reading))

((not going to lie, didnt actually read that))

((all good, if you do, be sure to let me know what you think))
Not gonna lie, I think I might cry. For joy, of course.

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