Vash'jir or Hyjal?

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So, Cata is following in Wrath's footsteps of having two zones to start out in before they streamline into the other new zones for further levels.

The question of this thread being, once Cata hits, which place are you going to level in first (and why, if you want)? Vash'jir, Hyjal, or kind of hippity-hoppity-ing back and forth between them?

Personally, I actually can't decide. D: Chances are I will do Hyjal I think, even though Vash'jir seems kind of neat. I know that the whole 'OH GOD UNDERWATER LEVEL' issues have been handled well/are mostly nonexistent, and maybe as a shaman I should prefer doing all the maelstrom-business, but Hyjal is so pretty. D: I'll definitely go back to Vash'jir. for the sake of completing it but maybe not 'til 85 or something.
Vash'jir because less people will probably be there.

Hyjal because it's easier to get used to (No underwater stuff).

It's not hard to level in Vash'jir, but depth perception can be an issue sometimes.

It'll suck either way to try to level on one of the most populated servers. Good luck to those going for server first! Haha.
I'm still torn on which zone will be the least populated, but in the end usually they jack up the spawn rates and it's not -too- terrible to level/quest for the first few weeks no matter how populated the zone is. At least if they run with it the same way they did WOTLK, where I only had a couple of issues. With the implementation of much more phasing things should also be a lot smoother in that aspect too.
I hope you're right! I hear drop rates if you're in a group are absolutely terrible for the quests where you have to kill x mob for x item, so maybe try to avoid those kinds of quests if you want to play with friends, too. /shrug.
Personally I wanna try both, I'll most likely go to Hyjal first, and after I'm done with -every singlw quest- there, I'll move to Vash'jir, complete all quests there, and keep going.

I just hope people really get excited for Worgen and Goblins, 'cause means less people on these zones :P
Depends on which character as I will change zones to suit their personality. For Erier though, Vash'jir.

And Ovni, my alt, is definitely, definitely Hyjal. That's what happens when you have a phobia of water.
I'll most likely go to Vashj'ir first. From what Ive seen its an interesting zone and the whole underwater thing is different (also seahorse mount).

I'll eventually get to doing them both, but that might not be until Ive done all the other zones.
Vash'jir, from what I've seen that's where all the Earthen Ring are at, you know, besides Deepholm and Twilight Highlands. I want to get in goods with that faction as soon as possible. I had planned on doing Vash'jir first for a while though, partially because I'm a shaman and have Water Breathing (before I knew about the buff you got a few quests in), partially because I'm a troll and war with the naga frequently, and partially because it's probably going to be less crowded anyway.
Vash'jir all the way for me. I love the zone and the quests are pretty fun.
Whichever one I find first.

That will depend upon where you go to get to either. Im sure someone will tell me. It'll also depend upon where the heck I log out the day before Cataclysm.

Vashj'ir and the underwater landscape favors ranged for sure, so keep that in mind. I plan to level Hyjal first, then make my way to vashj'ir for some extra XP before making my way to Deepholm.

:O How manly.

Maybe I'll just do them both too, lol. That's what I did in WOTLK, and was able to pretty much entirely skip Dragonblight.
Nick is all about nautical hijinks... he's doing Vash'jir, and it will be awesome.

You get a seahorse mount. Who wouldn't want that?
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
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