rune of the fallen crusader not rendering?

Death Knight
so i picked up ingvar's monolithic cleaver the other day. ive been using rune of the fallen crusader (RotFC) since i acquired it, but was curious to see what other runes looked like on the weapon, namely rune of the stoneskin gargoyle (for aesthetic reasons, as well as curiosity...saw some future guild mates using it on their 80s, which is contrary to what i thought i understood that RotFC was the superior one, regardless of spec). anywho, i put RotSG on there, saw the yellowish haze with a funky blue that trails behind you as you walk, said to myself "hm, that's nice" and proceeded to put RotFC on.

this is where things get fishy. the visual effect is not the prickly one from RotFC that im used to, rather the yellow haze with the blue trail behind the feet from gargoyle. the weapon info says RotFC, but no prickly visual rendering.

any ideas? very inconsequential, i know, but that's how i roll; no helmet, no cloak, and prickly all the way, baby.
If something already has a "glow" 9/10 times the "glow" doesn't stack so your weapon enchant isn't overshadowed by natural weapon glows

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