Some (more) Ret PvP gearing questions

So now that I've pretty much got myself set up into a defensive/supportive PvP spec (till they nerf the hell out of PotI), trying to get my PvP gear up to par.

So questions:

1) Weaponry - I got a Shadow's Edge for PvE that I never really got to do much with since our 25 died. Should I stick to that for PvP or get one of the lesser Wrathful weapons?
2) Been missing a lot lately. Should I be going for the +hit cape, or should I use my Pyrite Infuser instead of, say, Greatness Card or any of the other trinkets?
3) Gems...blargh. Strength all the way, or Strength/Resil mixes?
4) Enchants - I assume I get the same as PvE, except for the various Resil enchants?
5) Speaking of Resil, how much should I be looking for? The more the merrier?

Thanks for any help!

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