Greetings Tauren Paladins, Please read

Why hello there newly devoted to the light furry friends.
I'm just wondering when our Horde friends will be entering their first Contested PvP zone and where.

This is for punch and pie...or waffles btw <--nothing more

Forget what you heard about the, "Punch and Pie Meet & Greet" for newly devoted blood elves, that was a complete misunderstanding… They landed on our hammers after all… Not the other way around!

Just so things go smoothly this year...if every horde paladin can post here and maybe give exactly time they will be entering a contested PvP zone we can.... hammer.. this out early pre-cata.

Forum sig 2.0: Would you buff me, I'd buff me, I'd buff me so hard.
I'll be hitting the bg's with a beefy vengeance... world pvp died long ago on TN.
I can't wait to be a tauren :D
...This is for punch and pie btw <--nothing more...

Make it for waffles.
Done ^

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