Dance of De Spirits

My paladin is on the pre-Cata quest Dance of De Spirits, but I can't find any of the npcs I'm looking for. Was this quest removed when I was only five minutes from getting my troll disguise?
The quest was removed in patch 4.0.1 a few weeks back. It may still be in your logs, but since the event is over, there's no way to complete it now.
The NPC's used to be on the now-empty beach next to Sen'jin, but now most of them are out on the Echo Isles. However, they're too busy dancing to speak with anyone, including Alliance toons who want to join in.

For now, there's one new quest from Master Gadrin to reflect that the event's over. Instead of swimming down there to get Zalazane's head, since he's dead now you have to clean up after the battle.
Sucks. Thanks y'all.

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