The Shattering is Nigh! (topic: RP)

Earthen Ring
Is there going to be any mass RP when the Shattering hits?

I'm looking for any RP having to do with relief work, or expeditions into the changed world. With all the changes to the world, political climate and in-game mechanics there are unlimited possibilities!

It wouldn't be to crazy to assume that a lot of people would be in capitals because of elemental attacks, so something that starts in a capital and works it way out into the changed zones would be ideal for making in-character-sense of it.

Well, I'm going to be spearheading a checkpoint for, at the very least, the Tears to follow up and make sure everyone made it out alive. I'd encourage other guild leaders interested in RP to do the same; stock up on feasts of any sort, bandages, water, and hand them out to survivors even if they aren't in your guild.

Edit: Ruins of Lordaeron might be a nice spot. No invasions in Undercity and it's a cool new location that most haven't seen.

Edit le Dos: I'm told the new part of the Ruins is off-limits save to flyers, which is awfully limiting. Sad. I'll figure something out.
I'll be modifying my guild recruitment spam to rally heroes of the Alliance to the cause of the Long Patrol. "Now is the time for heroes!" etc. etc. Definitely will be hanging about Stormwind to aid in the relief efforts, probably gonna go out into the world - anywhere there's cultists, really (Loch Modan et al.) and basically stick it to them.

Also, once Cataclysm does come out, I'll definitely be parking Sal up in Hyjal and doing some RP up there. Sort of a "Welcome to Hyjal, race/class. Glad to have you here. If you could please report to *insert quest-giving NPC here*, I'm sure he/she has a task for someone of your talents."
That's an awesome idea with the guild checkpoints! I think evacuation would also be a fun idea, lower zones and starter zones. I love the Lordaeron idea definitely, I CAN'T WAIT TO FLY! =3 *squee* I wish I had a multi-person flyer mount so that I could do air evacuations!

Edit: Ooh! Definitely love the idea of RPing in the zones to help point directions to quest npcs, right up there with RPing in the starter zones!
I contemplated some sort of large event, but RL duties and obligations sapped away at the planning and execution. In the end, having the response be initially scattered then gain its footing is realistic, considering what's in store for Stormwind come tomorrow. The mass amount of refugees fleeing the city (whoever is left after the elemental invasions) will be monumental. Goldshire, Lakeshire and even Darkshire will suddenly gain a few hundred new mouths to feed, unless the initial evacuation effort is organized enough to set up a few portals to Ironforge and Theramore.

But since all our Tuesday schedules may not align, and patch days are plagued with unforeseen downtime, how about making a thread where we can post character reactions and efforts at our leisure?

But please - no punching Deathwing in the face. That's for later. With a dwarf.
Don't forget to get burninated* by Trogdor** later this month for a dubious Feat of Strength!

This sort of thing needs the Lemming juice guild.
Nothing calms the masses like mass suicide.
there is a guild that contains the remnants of what was Lemming Juice still, but a large chunk of the guild began to splinter after the whole rename thing and particularly once Melatha and Deluna were gone from the game. They were the glue that held it all together. My LJ alts are now in a splinter guild that contains most of my closest buds from LJ.

I miss em. I wonder if there might be a tree jumping party in Nordrassil sometime in memory of them. If not, perhaps I might plan one... :)

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