What do the alliance take back?

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What exactly do the alliance take back in the expansion? I know they get a limited presence in Raven Hill in Duskwood, and some random little encampments all over, but what do they get back that replaces things like Southshore and Menethil, which are destroyed?

Judging by screenshots, it seems that the undead take a metric ton of land from the alliance, most of which is unanswered.
You get a presence in southern barrens, and TN.
Wetlands has a big victory for Alliance I believe. I have yet to do the full quest line though.
Menethil is replaced by another town.

And besides, you SHOULDN'T get anything replaced. The Alliance has had far more land than the Horde for way too long. This simply balances it out.
Alliance are attacking Splintertree.
Oh, and you almost take over Swamp of Sorrows..
The alliance had a 1 and a half zone leed on the horde in Vanilla wow. Cata was blizzards chance to even it out, and i support evening out the land. But blizzard decided to throw a wrench into my plans, and now the horde has a 1 and a half zone leed.
It's not about balancing. I've mentioned this in another thread. See, Horde have always been kind of outplaced. They are very good at establishing camps, but it's usually for the short term. They have some big towns, but most of it is like an outpost. The Alliance have lots of medium/big towns that are constantly getting messed up. The Horde have been sitting idly by for a few years and so now they have resources to strike back and take some places over, making way for bigger forts. The Alliance are losing some of their medium towns and getting some smaller camps set up.

Also, you guys got Naxx, Ulduar and Icecrown citadel. Be happy.
You get a presence in southern barrens, and TN.

Nope. We got kicked out. Our buildings in the Barrens? Blown Up, Burned and Destroyed.

I don't think the Alliance get pushed out, but if you have any sources...

Also, to another poster, the Alliance had a total of 11 zones precata. Horde at 8.
Side note, the alliance never had to deal with the Barrens. Endless brown on brown for 20 levels filled with the worst sort of idiots. There used to be no avoiding it. Sure you could lie to yourself, but you'll eventually get subjected to the Barrens and its 2 graveyards.
Feralas is an alliance victory, a very clear one due to the expert leadership of General Feathermoon. Lower barrens is a tough one to call, I think it's alliance but I'm not 100% sure, Swamp of sorrows is missing an explanation of how the alliance didn't conquer Stonard.

The alliance does take a pretty heavy loss in the southern barrens but I don't post spoilers on the forums, it's a personal thing.

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