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Running around getting pics of old areas that are changed forever (Darkwhisper Gorge, Grim Batol) all areas currently accessible by anyone at this moment. What happens if I log out there tonight and log in tomorrow (assuming the patch is tomorrow)? As Darkwhisper is part of hyjal and Grim Batol is part of twilight highlands and not their current zones, I didnt know if that would get a ban or a teleport or whatnot as it seems alot of people are parking there hoping to see things.
I've heard varying reports of you'll be moved to the closest graveyard to you'll be moved to wherever your hearth is.
If you were to log out in a place that is destined for change, Novain, and if the patch which brings the Shattering were to be applied, a character that is in a location that was changed will likely be moved to a safe spot or their hearth location. :)
Thanks Vrak! I was afraid if it was "accidental" (or accidentally on purpose lol) a ban would go out or something. Curiosity was getting to me lol

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