Holy Mastery in Cat

So, I haven't looked at a whole lot of the gear available at the higher tier. There are flasks with +225 mastery available (more than I have on live), so it leads me to a hunch... With mastery being a big deal now, and being loaded on gear... how close to 100% of our heals into absorbs are we going to be able to get? A 30k heal puts roughly a 6k shield on the target with very little mastery at all. That gives me fantastic hope for the future. Anyone on beta have a clue about how our mastery pans out towards 85 with the gear available?
I've reforged all my gear for mastery and have only 17.35. I've done quite a few heroics since recount started calculating the absorbed amounts, and I've gotten anywhere between 10 and 25% overall from them. Partly this is because I hit my cooldowns and try to juggle a DL crit shield for as long as I can. Lay on Hands shields can stay up for a LONG time in a heroic.

I have not healed a raid since 4.0, so I don't know about that. And no Beta for me.
I've reforged most of mine to mastery, to a little under 15. That's 300 mastery rating. Roughly. In one reg LK, recount showed 300k in absorbs to my beaconed target, and something like 100k-150k to the OT. With others sitting anywhere from 5k-20k. With an increased shield of 8 seconds, I'm a little excited to see what more mastery can do for us.

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