Who has the Gonads...

Coming from a BE male..really?
Really. Nelf are THAT ugly and overplayed. Should I have replied on my Troll Shaman? My ugly Nelf Druid? My soon to be deleated Human Paladin?
dignity and nads have nothing to do with it. Trolls have better racials.
Trolls also have better dignity and nads as well. Ya tuskless, purple, wayward Troll mutants.
Despite the fact that the Worgen Moonkin Form looks a little nicer than the NE one, I'm not changing. After 4+ years I'm pretty attached to my character.

On the other hand, if I played a Horde Druid, I'd give serious thought to switching to Troll.

My greatest sympathy go to male night elf mages who have probably the most hideous casting animations in the game to look forward to.

I'm guessing you haven't seen the Worgen animations? The male Night Elf animations are positively elegant compared to the Worgen ones.

I've always like NE's for whatever reason. Their lore is interesting, and their general tree-hugging ways appeal to me somewhat. Most of my toons are NE save for the classes that they can't be.

Notwithstanding the previous comments, I think Troll druids would be rather cool as well. If only they fixed the animations for the female Trolls... they look ridiculous.
im staying NE because of racials
I'm sticking with my female NE druid just because I won't go horde and really don't like the worgen. But if they ever have gnome druids I will for sure race change just for kitten form, cub form, chicken hawk form (with little antlers of course) and daisy form.
I'm sticking with my lovely fem Nelf

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