Lvling to 85

The questions is: Is it crazy to lvl to 85 as Holy? Who is - why? or why not?
I will probably be soloing 75 % of the time.

What d you think-?? opinions?

It just seems to be dreadfully slow compared to Spriest and enh shammy- my 2 dpsers...
Pretty sure exorcism just got a 50% buff in damage? I don't know, it could work well.

I know I will be leveling in this prot pvp spec for anything but dungeons.
I might give holy a try, the problem will be around 82-83 when the mob hp go up a lot. If it takes you too long to kill a mob then grinding through a thousand quests will be painful.

The good thing I like about levelling as holy is that I can pretty much ignore holy power, which imo is a dumb mechanic for paladins.
Well you do have the option(being a plate wearer) to just run in, I mean I play Prot so Im not too sure on Holy but from what I've seen in PvP Holy Pally can stay up for a long time. So you might not have too big of a problem trying to solo.
It isn't crazy to do it, just less efficient then prot or ret. I'm probably going to be leveling as prot, as I've always enjoyed pulling a decent sized group taking them all down.

I'd say just use whatever spec you like the most, if the leveling process isn't very enjoyable for you, its going to move a lot slower. So play around with holy as leveling, and if it doesn't run smoothly, switch over to prot or ret.
Aside from Divine Plea the mana regen in Holy DPS isn't good at all. Having no way to spend Holy Power until Inquisition also sucks.

That being said I found Holy kills mobs faster then Ret. Having to get 3 HP before TV hits hard enough compared to opening with Exo Shock with Exo glyph.

If there wasn't so much downtime then it would be my spec of choice to level.
Isn't this why they made dual spec?
Meh as much as I love holy I imagine it will be painful leveling with it. I heard ret is a lot more squishy leveling to 85. So maybe I'll go prot for leveling. Hope that doesn't go too slow...
Isn't this why they made dual spec?

Meh it's a lot simpler not having to worry about changing specs and getting 2 sets of gear you're constantly replacing. When I did try leveling Holy for a few levels I could go from questing straight to a LFD instance.

It's annoying getting a queue pop as Ret, accepting and respeccing Holy then change my gear and drink all to have someone decline. Most people won't allow you 10 seconds inside the instance to respec before pulling.

Like I said if it had better mana efficiency and a way at low levels to use HP it would be good to level and heal with.

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