Raid Lock Wipe

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Hmmmm lock wipe...
*Cast Soulstone on herself while pulling everything*
*Uses Soulshatter, then uses Sacrifice to Lock bubble-hearth*
"Good Luck with that guys! <3"
lol extended lockout on EOE and Ony.

So... you can't get saved to them anymore?


Yeah I don't get it.

This means that if you've extended a lockout for these raids it will be wiped at the time of the next patch. This does not apply to Icecrown Citadel or Ruby Sanctum as they already use the new flex lock system.

either u guys are retarded, or have an alliance as your main.
I don't get the big deal? All it says if you have a saved ID, you won't have it anymore

Like, if you kill 4/5 ToC25 and saved the ID, it'll be gone, so don't get mad when you have to kill 4 bosses again.

EDIT: They are killing 25's raiding, unless they are willing to offer almost 4x the reward for doing a 25 instead of 10. Just to clarify.
More flexibility eh.....

I prefer to do both

Where is the flexibility in the system?

Seriously? you like to kill the same bosses twice a week and god knows how many more times with your alts... that's kinda lame and dumb.
oh great, now my group raiding uld will have to clear up to yogg-saron again. >.<
Onyxia's lair? What the.......why would you extend......what?
Ok so when they say "Wiping the raid lockout" that means ONLY IF you have extended your raid from the previous week. There will be no mount farming from Ony :)

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