Interesting quest problem

Lately I've been going back through the old world and finishing off a bunch of the random quests I still have lying around (Like many others I imagine). I came across a quest that is causing me some grief, Voodoo Feathers, it's a warrior class quest from the fallen horde hero on the edge of Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted lands. It sends you into Sunken Temple to get some feathers from the various troll sub-bosses on the upper level.

The problem is, the second I zone into Sunken Temple, the quest is removed from my quest log, like it was never there in the first place. I can go back and pick up the quest again, but every time I zone in, it is immediately removed. I have a GM ticket in place but no idea how long that will take to get a response, so I'm here asking if anyone has any insight on the how/why of this problem.
I'm afraid the bug is actually the opposite of what you think.

They removed all the level 50 class quests in patch 4.0.1. They will be replaced by something similar but not quite the same after the Shattering in 4.0.3a. In the meantime there is no way to complete them.

Unfortunately just a couple of NPCs are still giving the quests out if you have done the pre-reqs. But you can't complete them, and the server corrects this by removing them from your log any time you zone.
Ahh, so the bug isn't that I cant compete the quest, the bug is that I'm even able to pick up the quest in the first place. Gotcha. Thanks!

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