How'd you pick your name?

Shattered Hand
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My dad was 3rd Infantry Division and I was an Army brat. The mascot for the division is "Rocky" the dog-faced soldier, drawn by Walt Disney after he left the service and 3d Infantry.

When I created my character I made a Hunter and thought he looked like a dog-faced soldier, and so it just made sense to name him Marne (which also sounded appropriately Orcish).

When I left the game for a bit I deleted my toons and some Rogue got a hold of the name, which is why I am now Marne with an umlaut on the E.
well i said to myself, whats a funny name for a dk, i knew i had planned to go herbing, so i said dks dont seem like the ppl to pick flowers, and there you go, ipickflowers.
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do elaborate

If I explained it here the thread would probably get removed for name dropping, as one half of the people involved wouldn't want our secret rendezvous becoming public knowledge.
just got done watchin tarzain roflmao lol newb pwn
Well Syko is my popping name and this time around instead of just slapping the name of the class I play I wanted to add a tiny spec of flavor into it by adding a spell name or talent name... and voila that's how I came up with Sykoshock.

11/20/2010 6:24 AMPosted by Deception
I am deceptive.

Yeah you almost deceptively stole my brain hacker!! Until everyone in the raid guilt tripped you into giving it to me.. lmao I don't even now how that happened. Do you remember why it made sense for me to have that axe over you?
I like the band Gallows, plus it sounds kind of cool.
The chain train is coming WOO WOO!
from the oujia board
Payneos Maxamaian was explained in the old thread, however..

Edgeworth (Paladin) and Franziska (Mage) are references to Phoenix Wright.

Banjokazooie (Hunter) is self-explanatory, and all his pets are named for bosses/characters.

Xegony (Warlock) is the Queen of Air from Everquest.

Pontans (Druid) is my Halfling Druid from Everquest.

Lanys (Death Knight), Innoruuk's daughter and the rival of Firiona Vie from Everquest.

Capnhammer (Warrior), a shortened form of Captain Hammer, a reference to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Senorchang (Shaman), a Community reference.

Lifealert (Priest) is a reference to the commercial for the Senior Citizen aid stating "ALL SENIOR CITIZENS SHOULD HAVE LIFE ALERT."
If you've ever played elder scrolls games you know where my name is from...
All the yaks need to be shaved.
Randomize name maybe? After a few minutes ofgoing, "No, Nope, HELL NO!." I found 'Aaariiiuuuussssssse~' :D
My pvp toon. Named this so when I kill you, it says "<insert name here> was killed by stupidity"
Food Poison
Well, First i played God of war...and there was this mob called a Satyr, I like to be unique so i came up with Katyr..i armoried the name, didnt like that there was 50 ppl with the name so i chose Kaytr, only me =P
First thing I thought of when I thought of blood :)

[hee-muh-gloh-bin, hem-uh-]
–noun Biochemistry .
the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells that gives them their red color and serves to convey oxygen to the tissues: occurs in reduced form (deoxyhemoglobin) in venous blood and in combination with oxygen (oxyhemoglobin) in arterial blood.

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