Affliction compared to spriest

Hi all, I mainly played a spriest in this expansion and I really enjoy the playstyle of it. Managing dots is much more entertaining than playing my mage. However, I mainly just want to dps and I'm afraid that I'll end up having to heal if I play a priest, or the spec itself might become less viable (one would hope not, but looking at the way things have gone in the past, its very possible).
So the question is, is the affliction playstlye very close to that of a shadow priests? I have an 80 lock but never really raided with it, altho I remember enjoying lvling as affliction. Also, what spec do you enjoy playing the most on your warlock? Thanks
First of all, if you like a spriest, but don't want to heal, roll a spriest. No-one should force you to play a role you don't want to play.

Never played a spriest, so I can't comment on that. (Wouldn't mind one though)

Affliction is my favorite spec, I find demo (PvE) boring and destruction just doesn't sit right with me.
yes, affliction-wise, afflocks are similar to spriests in shadow dots. the only difference much is that priests can still here while locks are stuck with health stones and drain life(performs if talents added)

end game, however, i only see deslocks in raids i've been, with demlocks sometimes appearing based on the raid. i would personally prefer an spriest over afflock when choosing dps, since sometimes the situation calls for a few more heals(provided the spriest has holy/disc OS/MS).

that said, however, it all comes down to gameplay, gears and preferences.

hope this helps!

p.s. i like deslocks in raids/bgs/pvp, and demlocks in dungeons/pve.
They're almost the same in play style, but aff lock brings its own perks and spriest brings its as well, namely the haste buff from spriest, while aff locks can heal themselves without having to caste any healing spells, to a point... haunt, soul siphon etc have been nerfed since 4.0 a ton, but they still provide some weight off the raid heals. Currently from what I've read, Affliction should be more raid viable at 85 than it is now... That can all change though.

Regardless it's really up to you, atm Spriests are better in PvP and PvE than Aff Warlocks imo... Better self heals, harder hitting DoTs from what I've seen, puts it slightly ahead of the added CC's from Affliction PvP wise, a slightly less complicated rotation PvE wise...

Currently I'm PvE Destro, PvP Aff but it's by preference rather than the current "best spec" preferences. Raided as Destro all the way through wrath, PvP'd as Aff, why change now?
As long as they don't nerf Drain Life too much you can have a slightly lower DPS Affliction spec with Drain Life instead of Shadow Bolt if you really prefer a channeled filler, but it's highly recommended you go with Shadow Bolt as it does more DPS and provides the 5% crit debuff on the target.

As for me I am mostly Destruction and Demonology. Destruction has both good burst and steady, reliable damage but it suffers in terms of AoE. Demonology can have good burst windows when Meta is up and AoE that will make your friends cry "Hax!" when they bring up recount.

Affliction is actually pretty good mechanics-wise except for their main filler not being affected by Mastery.
Never played an s.priest but affliction is insanely fun IMO. =]
For pure roflstompage fun I love my DemoLock. For the few oppertunities I had to raid with him (an alt of a main tank gathers dust fast) through WotLK I was dual specced Destruction. However, after 4.0 I started having difficulties managing the added buttons so I exchanged Destro for Affliction (I also have a lvl 55ish Shadow Priest, for reference). From my experience the biggest difference you will find is filling with a cast time nuke instead of your channeled slow from Mind Flay... not a big issue, really, so I'm all for at least giving it a try. The biggest difference I know of is AffLocks dont provide the healing and regen from VT/VE that makes a raiding Shadow Priest such an asset.

That being said, in my guild we feel that if you are proficient and have fun with a particular class/spec, then thats exactly what you should be playing. Hardcore MinMaxers may disagree, but it's not worth playing if you aren't having fun. Having a healing spec and gear would help you and your guild progress when a substitute is needed, but if you say no and they don't respect that then you should find a guild who will accept you as a dps only.
Thanks for the input so far. I think I'll end up talking to my guildies about it and see if they want me still as a priest. It's not a big guild and the core of it is made up of mostly irl friends so we try to be pretty flexible. I'll most likely stick to my priest but I'll give locks a go at some point too i think. DOT classes are so much fun, the soul swap ability looks interesting as well....

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