[H] MACHINE is recruiting!

The Machine is starting up and the gears have begun to turn!

Our long-lasting goal is to become a tight-knit group who excels in raiding/PVE content and truly enjoy the entire game and each others' company. Raiders, PVPers, achievement hunters, and 'completists' all have a place somewhere here in the Machineworks, so bring your friends along too!

We will be a 10man raid content guild in Cataclysm. Most of our raiders are currently 12/12 10m ICC with 6-8 HM's, so we are substantial raiders. When Cataclysm debuts, the focus will be upon character and guild leveling, profession advancement, and gearing for the initial raids. We are looking for both core raider members, and overall terrific guild members, who are sociable and active. The guild will quickly begin providing both regular and Cataclysm benefits, such as feasts and flasks for our raiders, repairs, recipes, and materials.

While our focus is raiding, we have achievement hunters, altoholics, and merchants in the guild already, so all types of gamers may apply.

The important thing to remember about Machine is that we believe the game has to be fun (or why bother playing). If you're a raider and looking for a friendly, relaxed environment with raiders who take raiding very seriously, or a non-raider, who is looking for a true sense of home, feel free to check us out.

Guild Website: http://machine.guildomatic.com

Application thread in guild forums: http://machine.guildomatic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6

Our raid times are usually 9pm-12am ST Tues-Thur, and sometimes Monday

While our goals are primarily raiding/PvE you do not have to be a raider to join Machine. We are especially fond of Achievement Hunters, crafters and friendly conversationalists.
We're full up on raiding druids.

If you're a druid and would like to join us, unfortunately you'd be on our backup list for a raid slot. Our raiding druids are stellar!

Of course, you don't have to be a raider to join, we're looking for anyone whose likes to push for non-raiding achievements as well!

I should point out that we have a very strict "no douches, drama-queens, or gnomes" policy
"no douches, drama-queens, or gnomes"

Forgetting what server you are on?
There are lots of douches and drama-queens (and probably a fair few gnomes).

But I'm sure we can find 15-20 regular folk
After a review of our policies, we have decided that we are now open to gnomes

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