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I can't help but feel like I'm not really doing it correctly. The Felguard seems pretty cool for AoE alongside Hellfire, but while questing I often feel like I'm just casting HoG, sending the FG in, and sitting around. I have something like fivemillion spells, all of which seem a little too slow for not enough damage.

What are other Demos using while questing? Are any of the other pets better for single target action? What kind of priority/rotation should I be looking at, or am I simply better off using Destro?
I have been leveling my lock Demo as well (hes 74 now). All I have been doing is throw a dot on a mob then HoG and let the Felguard finish em off. Only difference is I dont wait I continuosly chain pull and use an instant Soulburn for when HoG is on Cool down. Or Incinerate if both are on cool down. It has been a lot of fun.
I normally do a little bit of everything.

Normally, once Decimation procs I'll keep throwing Soulfire until all the mobs that are close enough are down. So, two Soulfires for each mob and keep moving and re-procing. When it isn't proc'ed I lead with Immolate to proc Molten Core, or HoG for groups. =)

This works for me at least when I'm soloing and looking to just move quickly and have no downtime.
When I played my warlock, I used to send in Felguard, put on the two dots (back then there were only 2) which are Corruption and Curse of Agony and cast drain life until the mob is defeated.
Occasionally health funnel the Felguard if he went low. Life tap once or twice between fights to get full mana, (you get your health back through life drain). It was very efficient.

Today there are a lot more spells, there are now Banes, Curses and Corruption. But it might be very similar in that aspect. I recently got back myself, so not the best person to provide advice... but it might help.
For questing I use 1. Immolate with Felguards Ax. 2. HoG with FG charge. 3. Sit back and loot corpse.
To pull multiple mobs I'll use above, then BoD on one and Corruption on others - then pop Meta, deamon leap into the centre and Immo Aura and Hellfire while your FG is spinning. As HF is channeled you move all mobs to where HoG and FG are and position FG between you and mob.
All I do for questing is throw CoA and Corruption on a target, sent the Felguard in, and Drain Life until it dies. In raids or dungeons there's definitely a rotation, but questing is ridiculously easy as Demo, at least I think so! :)

Oh and when I have a group of mobs I just do Rain of Fire really, with the Felguard doing Felstorm maybe. I'm still adjusting to remember using HoG while questing, but that definitely can't hurt while killing multiple mobs.

BTW really there's no one way to quest. Just do what works for you. As long as you're going at a good pace and having fun, that's what matters.

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