Tip's for a new healer

Hi guy's i was just wondering what kind of rotation is used, if any for holy pallie's. Also what addon's are you using to make healing easier.
I have a pretty long breakdown here:

I recommend any standard healer addon. I use healbot. Grid in conjunction with Clique is another option. Vuhdo is another popular option.

Power Auras can help you track procs if you don't like the standard Blizzard glowies. It can also help you track holy power.

IceHUD is another option to help you track holy power. It also can be setup to show health and mana bars in a more central locations.

Standard raiding addons are:
Deadly Boss Mods or equivalent
Omen Threat Meter (not as important to a healer, but good for knowing when to use Hand of Salvation)
Recount or Skada (These are meters. Not used in combat, but a good debugging tool to figure out wipes. It also lets you ePeen.)

If you're only level 62, some of the stuff might not apply. I don't remember when you get all of the appropriate abilities.

The basic "rotation" is called the ToR (Tower of Radiance) rotation. You will keep beacon of light on the tank, and you will keep judgements of the pure up 100% of the time.

It's more of a priority system. Your first priority is, if you have 3Holy Power, dump HP with WoG.

If shock is available, you will use it. Then you will follow with Divine Light to maximize Speed of Light usage. If Infusion of Light is procced, use it after DL. Do NOT use Daybreak to shock again until you consume SoL and IoL.

Now you need to fill the gaps between Holy Shocks. It's up to you to use the appropriate heal: Light of Dawn, Word of Glory, Flash of Light, Holy Light, Divine Light, etc. You don't have to use WoG @ 3HP. Sometimes 1 or 2 HP is enough to top someone off.

In general, you should use Holy Shock on a non-beaconed target, and Word of Glory on a non-beaconed target. The other 3 direct heals go to the beaconed target to maximize HP generation (hence ToR rotation).

And now you should forget everything I told you because healers don't follow rotations. If damage follows nicely, yeah, the rotation is all sunshine and rainbows. But it almost never does. So sometimes you will sit on your thumbs because there's no damage for 1-2 seconds. Even if shock is off CD and you have 3 HP.

Other times you're going to be frantically spamming Flash of Light because everyone's sitting at 10% health and Light of Dawn is on CD.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.
Awesome ty for the info and the time u put into writing this up Lylthe huge help.
Clique + Grid = pro healer.

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