When queuing for battlegrounds ...

Q: Should there be a Tank, Healer, DPS "type" (not exactly that, maybe) option?
Tanks are really only needed in WSG and possibly EotS (not as much though) imo.

Edit: forgot about AV, thanks Meshounah =D
tanks are only needed in av -.-
Funny how people say "only" when it's 3+
Maybe some reasons to accompany the no.
should be at least one healer in each bg though, its not much fun playing a 10 dps wsg (not as much fun as it would be with a healer anyway)
No. It's stupid.


No, you're trolling. This is a discussion.
No. It's stupid.


No, you're trolling. This is a discussion.

It's already been established in numerous threads that this idea would create even more problems for an already problem-filled queue system. Do some forum research before making new threads.

Links please to these established decisions.

Consider yourself ignored. Now for actual discussion on a discussion forum.

The purpose of the role selection would be to balance teams, rather then getting 2 feral druids vs 2 resto druids. That isn't to say there's something incorrect with playing as dps, but that teams should be balanced around the idea that each teams should get a 1:10 (1:5 might be pushing it) healer to damage ratio.

I have no complete opinion about a tank option for pvp. It probably shouldn't be included as it doesn't completely apply the way it does in pve.
If you think tanks only are needed in AV or just WSG, your sorely mistaken.

I tank many players who think a single prot pally would go down fast. I can hold a flag from being capped from 5 players for 2 minutes many times all by myself.

Death is most certain, but when is part of the strategy of the game. If the enemy can't get 10sec alone with the flag till i am dead, that time i lived is lost points for them.

Also, if i can keep 5 enemy at their flag, i just made my teams odds better at capping another. One tank for a cap else where on the field is more that worth the cost.

Think of it, 1 tank vs 5 enemy just made the rest of the game 9 to 5, or 14 to 10. Not good odds for the enemy now.
If you want a tank or healer in you bg, create a premade, or join a guild that does premades.

1) Tank queues as a tank, and then proceeds to DPS
2) Healer queues as healer, and then proceeds to DPS
3) DPS queues as DPS and grabs the flag

It won't work.

Some folks will say no because it would increase the queue time. Some folks will say no because it is moot when it comes to RBGs. Some folks will say no because if you want that you should just run premades in rBGs.

Then you will have people like Renthelm who will apply logic, make sense, and stuff... need to stop that this early in the morning!

Generally, while a nifty idea - it does come down to premades which takes care of it. BGs simply do not have the conditions that a dungeon has, so it would play out like Ren said.

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