Ret/Prot Pally wants to go Holy! :) Help?! =)

Hiya guys! :) I am a pretty good Ret/Prot Paladin who really wants to become mainly a healer for Cata! :) I have no idea where to start with my gear, spec, etc! :) I would greatly LOVE any tips you can give me for getting started on this! :) Any links of healing guides would be AMAZING! Thank you so much for your time and help! :)
#1 healer sanity tip

if the dps pulls off the tank, don't heal him

#2 healer sanity tip

if any ignores fight mechanics and dies in a fire, it's not your fault
Well there are the obvious such as forum stickies... although I haven't looked around in here yet, there must be some good stickies still up on the old forums.

As far as anything goes, opening a browser at google and typing "elitist jerks paladin"
should get you a decent find for information. Elitist jerk got forums on all classes and specs with lots of very good information often condensed into a single post.

So for any queries really just google "elitist jerks <class name>" and you should find some decent information. There are of course other sources, often just asking a person of that class ingame for their favorite class ressource site will make you uncover them easily.

Find a friend who plays a holy paladin.

Take what EJ says with a grain of salt, and remember they're *generally* talking about min-maxing in raid settings. But they'll get teh general stuff out there- like what to gem/enchant.

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