Zul'Gurub not completable

Bug Report
I'm trying to kill Hakkar to get my ZG achievement before it goes away in 3a, but Hakkar keeps resetting, making the encounter impossible to complete. I'm doing it solo, and not getting mind controlled or running off his platform, so I don't know what could be causing the reset. I really don't want to miss out on the ZG achievement. Please assist! :(
Ok, it seems to be happening when I'm stunned by Will of Arlokk. Going to go kill that, and see if Hakkar still resets

edit: Killing panther boss to get rid of the stun essence fixed it, for anyone else running into this problem. Only bosses killed other than Hakkar were tiger, raptor and panther
You need to kill every single priestess except the tiger one because they all put some type of stun or poison or gouge on you which makes him reset. I ran into that just last night. Basically, if you are mount farming, you'll wind up killing all the priestesses in order to down him.

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