Why does ret pally gear have so much stam?

Specifically it has far more stamina than prot gear... Is this just a result of the stat changes that happened in 4.0??

Very strange :O
It's the result of stat changes in 4.0
It's a result of the changes during 4.0. It's normal again at 85.
Everybody has the same stam now on gear

Would you buff me, I'd buff me, I'd buff me so hard.
Homoginization son. Anything from cloth to plate has the same exact amount of stam at 85. Only thing that changes are the spec, gems and enchants.
because ret is a tank spec come 4.03b
So that prot could /random on it to tank heroics and not be nerfing their hit points.

So that we (prots) can roll need on your gear and still tank viably with a few pieces of it on.

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