Blizzard, Please Fix Battleground Queues

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Greetings, fellow subscribers. It is I, the Tauren night hamster.

I have recently become aware of a bug that is very frustrating to me as a paying customer that has been loyal to Blizzard for almost ten years and has been around since beta & launch day, November 23rd 2004 of WoW. My description of the bug is as follows:

1. I attempt to queue for AV in any fashion (with a Battlemaster at the actual BG or with the remote BG tool).
2. The queue pops after a tedious 15 minute wait.
3. I click "Enter Battle" either immediately after the queue pops or after waiting a while (it doesn't matter).
4. Nothing happens. I don't join the battle. I continue to stand in the same location I was before. Meanwhile, I have 19 seconds left until I am removed from the queue.
5. You have been removed from the queue. I waited in Thunder Bluff for 15 minutes for THIS?! And don't tell me to go quest during this waiting time. I am a 70 pvp twink from TBC that never leveled and is trying to gain BG XP until 71 so that I can prepare for Cataclysm by achieving level 80.

This has been happening to me more and more lately. Before, it seemed like it would happen about half of the time. Now it seems like 3/4 queues fail and I have to re-queue.

I have invested well over $1000.00 into this game in the form of subscription fees and collector's edition box games for myself and regular edition box games + expansions as gifts for others plus at least $200 in server transfers, race and faction changes. Taking into account WoW memorabilia and other WoW-related items I have purchased over the years that puts this number easily into $2200.00+.

I could still, somehow, be more understanding if I went to the store, paid $59.99 for a brand new computer game and it shipped with a bug that was so bad it literally made the game unplayable. (not really, and neither would you, but at least it's only $60! A literal drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things!).
If you paid a THOUSAND dollars for a video game, however, it better be the BEST DARN GAME on the planet!

Considering how for the price of less than 6 months of WoW time I could have purchased a brand new game that was released in the past year with improved graphics and, in the majority of cases no game breaking bugs such as this one, I am feeling considerably ripped off(and rightfully so!). How could a game that I have spent so much money on in order to make sure that I am receiving a premium service (aspects of a premium service, in my opinion: bug-free, or at least nothing that is game breaking, reasonable bandwidth support for a high number of players in one particular area, customer support if needed) be so poorly managed and financed?

It is not merely apparent that most of the money I have forked up was NOT being put towards this game in order to ensure a premium service- it is beyond obvious. Activision-Blizzard is funneling the immense profits from their cash cow known as "WoW" into their other failing projects that are, in some cases, actually losing money. As a loyal customer, this offends and disgusts me.

Blizzard, I demand that you hotfix this issue as soon as you are capable of doing so.

If your response to this thread is going to be "then quit", please have it in your heart to understand the situation that I am in: I am within the first few days of a 6 month subscription. I shouldn't be expected to surrender 77$ and still be content with a service that is significantly worse in quality at the moment than most free online services I have had the pleasure to be a part of.

With all due respect, Blizzard, please fix the game that you have had so much fun bragging about the profits you have earned from immediately.

Excuse my french, but I want to play this F#%&ing game right now, and it is completely unplayable! I'm not going to waste 45 minutes out of every hour waiting for a queue if I could be playing SC2 or WC3 and having fun 100% of the time rather than 25% of the time.

I love Blizzard products, and I am in love with their games and their essence and spirit of FUN has been near and dear to me for years, but this kind of negligence on behalf of whoever is responsible for allowing this version of the game to go live is intolerable.

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