Improved Sprint

OK talent says gives 100% chance to remove all movement impairing IMO this includes slowing effects? as they are movement -impairing effects. So WHY am i sprinting in slow motion with slowing effects on me?
it breaks it when you activate it, doesn't make you immune.
it breaks it when you activate it, doesn't make you immune.
The talent says 'when activated 100% chance of removing all movement impairing effects' IMO when in is activated? is it not?
im confused so when talent is use its not activated?
it says when activated FFS thats all im saying just want it to do wot it says the 2 points will give u read the thing GEEZ
Well played Johnysmith... +1 internets to you good sir and -1 to all the suckers.
when activated =/= while active.

though i'm sure this is a troll, b/c i know i've been laughing the whole time reading these posts.
no troll man im combat in hard times just want stuff to work the way thay say it is going to my ks ported ny to gy after mob the other day and it is working to
You activate it when you use it. Activate doesn't equal active. The talent says quite clearly that when activated it will break snares and movements effects, it does not say "and will continue to remove these effects while active".

Long story short, it only works when you use it, once you've used it initially you can be slowed again.

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