WTB pocket mage for 4.0.3a

As stated in the patch notes for patch 4.0.3a, portals to cities in Dalaran and Shattrath City are being removed.
To compensate for players leveling through Northrend and Outland, Dalaran and Shattrath City will obtain an auction house and class trainers.

With this being said, Mages are back in business!
How does it feel that after a raid, you will be opening 4 portals instead of 1?
It'll be Portal roulette like always. lol
It'll be port to org, since org has ports to every cata zone.

A port to every cata zone??? Really? So like, inverse dalaran or something?
well its about time we got a chance to make money off our portals again, but i'll bet that other classes will be QQ'ing all too soon that they cant get everywhere in a single click
Blizz doesn't want people to go anywhere they want instantly, made mage ports pretty useless

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