How often will archeology be expanded on?

Are we looking at every expansion or each major content patch or occasionally between a content patch and a expansion?
Depends on what you mean by "expanded upon".

If you mean adding a new race, chances are that will be via expansions. POSSIBLY within a patch if the patch merits it. An example being, say, an new dungeon/raid zone popping up where we discover a ancient Trogg city. and bam - now we add Troggs to the Archaeology list of races.

If you mean adding new items? That could be anytime really.

Personally I hope they do add more races, not just ones that merit a new patch. I would love to do some Arakoa or Ogre archaeology without having to wait for a return-to-Outland kind of expansion...
i mean race and items and i hope they do dragon artifacts
That's a good question for a dev chat. I'd like to know this too. Not because it effects gameplay, but because I'm excited for Archaeology.

Looking at how professions are playing out in the Beta though, I wouldn't hold my breath. There's a lot of work to be done.
Yes, they will be adding more.

That's one of the benefits of the way they've done it. Being a self-gating non-node gathering profession, they can add stuff at any time without physically changing things in the game.
I really am excited for this new proffession
Hopefully they fix the cooldown on Survey.

Could you, or someone elaborate for those of us without beta access?

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