Blizzard_InspectUI Error

UI and Macro
I've been getting this error any time I am targeting a player character. It continually pops up. Also, inspect works about 1/4th the time I try it.

Message: ...\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectPaperDollFrame.lua:23: Usage: UnitLevel("unit")
Time: 11/21/10 09:55:37
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: in function `UnitLevel'
...\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectPaperDollFrame.lua:23: in function `InspectPaperDollFrame_SetLevel'
...\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectPaperDollFrame.lua:18: in function <...\AddOns\Blizzard_InspectUI\InspectPaperDollFrame.lua:8>

Locals: (*temporary) = nil

I have attempted deleting the Blizzard_InspectUI folder so WoW can rebuild it, but I get the same error.

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