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Lost is a Morning Raid Guild on the Garona server. We have been around on this server for 4 and half to 5 years now. We run one 10 man raid right now but are looking to put together a second or possible get back to 25's. With the advent of Flex raiding we will be doing that some to at first to help everyone see the fights and get gear as needed so we can progress through normal/heroic faster . We are looking for dedicated raiders who are willing to not only help themselves but help the guild as whole in our progression. If this looks like something you would be up for get with an officer in game or check out our website. Full info is as follows and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day.

Loot: Loot council

Website: Lost-guild.wowlaunch.com

VoIP: Mumble

Guild level: 25

Raid Times: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm server time Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Server is Central standard. Invites at 9:15.

If you are applying as dps we expect melee to be at 90k+ at a minimum and casters to be slightly higher.Classes we could use.

Ranged caster: mage or ele shaman but another lock would be doable.

Healers: druid shaman monk but another paladin could be used as well

Tanks: someone with the offspec who can fill in from time to time when one of our main tanks cannot make it

Check out our website for more details on class/specs we may be looking for.

We are always on the lookout for exceptional players so do not be afraid to apply if a class is closed for now.



Dragonsoul 10: 8/8
Dragonsoul H10: 8/8

Dragonsoul 25: 8/8
DragonsoulH 25:0/8

Mist ToT
Normal 16/16 Normal 12/12
Heroic 4/16 Heroic 1/13

Feel free to apply at our website or talk to: Lichensoul, Thehurter, Zindalia, Meltage or Grimcourse in game if you have any questions. Thank you for your time
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Once upon a time I co-ran an AM raid guild w/ Coreman and Bladehate, this was back in the TBC days. That ship has long since sailed, so much so that my "main" toon (which is not this one) was logged out on the steps of BT. Obviously with a character that was retired at level 70 I'm nowhere near ready for Cata content but wondering if this guild was serious, had a still working/core?

I just resubbed and Garona's Horde population seemed pretty pathetic as compared to "back in the day". I have no beef leveling a tank/healer quickly and blowing through Wrath content but wanted to make sure it's a legit ordeal.
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How many people are left from the Burning Crusade and earlier days of morning raiding on Garona? I only recognize around 4 names on the roster.

Tell Bladehate I said hi!
Sup Kas!
/I know there are more morning poeople out there

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